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Capítulo 1

no make-up

Greetings, letters, Nationalities, Numbers 1-99, Time, Days of the week, Months, the Date, Pronunciation, Courtesies

Yes/No questions and statements, the verb Ser .

Capítulo 2

Vocabulary: Classroom vocabulary, Classroom instructions & questions, Definite and Indefinite Articles

Verbs: Hay, Ser, Ir +a+ Destino, the present tense of -Ar, -Er and -Ir verbs>

Capítulo 3

Vocabulary: Family and profession vocabulary, adjectives, Possessive adjectives & possession using "de", descriptive adjectives, the personal "a"

Verbs: Tener, Estar + location, Estar + Condition/emotion

Capítulo 4

Vocabulary: Food and Beverages vocabulary, numbers 100 +,  Interrogatives

Verbs: Stem-changing verbs, Tener expressions,  the verb Gustar

Capítulo 5

Vocabulary: Sports, activities, weather, colors, the seasons.

Verbs: Irregular "yo" form, Future using Ir +a+ infinitive, Ser vs. Estar, Saber and Conocer,
the Tener expressions: Tener ganas de.., Tener que... etc.; the present progressive

Capítulo 6

Vocabulary: La rutina diaria, las profesiones, los adverbios, Direct object pronouns

Verbs: the regular Preterite past tense, Ser/Ir in the Preterite, los verbos reflexivos, las acciones recíprocas
Acabar de,

Capítulo 7

no make-up

Vocabulary: the City, the post office, money & banking, Demonstratives, Preposiciones de lugar, Indirect Object Pronouns

Verbs: Stem-changers in the Preterite

Examen Final:

Only those verbs from the text book will be on the final exam, but feel free to include additional vocabulary that you have learned and wanto to use.


The present tense: Regular, stem-changing & irregular yo

The Preterite past tense: Regular, stem-changing and a few irregular (Dar, Ir, Hacer and Ver only)

The Ir+a future tense

Other: Gustar, Tener expressions, reflexive verbs, Direct & Indirect object pronouns etc. Know some general vocabulary from all chapters which you will use for personal answers.