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Ir is the verb which means `to Go'. You might have noticed it is a pretty short verb - only two letters long! Ir is irregular - which means its conjugation doesn't follow the normal pattern for -ir verbs.



Él, ella, usted


Ellos, ellas, Uds.

voy vas va vamos van

We can use Ir to say where you are going, when you go or with whom you go.

Voy a la librería I am going to the bookstore.
Vamos cada día We go everyday.
Voy con mi amigo  I go with my friend.
Vas a casa a las tres de la tarde You go home at three in the afternoon.
Los artistas van al museo hoy The artists are going to the museum today.
Voy a practicar el español I'm going to practice Spanish.
Vas a hacer la tarea esta noche You're going to do the homework tonight.
Vamos a jugar al voleibol en el parque We're going to play volleyball in the park.
La profesora va a darnos un examen The professor is going to give us an exam.
Los estudiantes van a estudiar  hoy The students are going to study today.

The nosotros form of Ir, Vamos , can also mean "Let's..!" The meaning will depend on your tone.
Vamos Meaning #1 Meaning #2
¡Vamos a la playa! We're going to the beach Let's go to the beach!
¡Vamos a comer! We're going to go eat! Let's go eat!