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This is the homepage for the Ohlone College Spanish 101A in-class Newark sections only

Here your profe has provided links to information about the course itself, homework and reference sites and material that will be covered in class. The links to the left cover the following information:

  1. The Horario is a semester calendar that posts material that will be covered in each class period and pages in the text to be read prior to attending class. Grammar and vocabulary listed on the class days are linked back to the Grammar Notes pages for a detailed explanation and practice games.

  2. The Course Outline includes current class sections information, required text & materials, grading, attendance, homework and laboratory policies, and suggested reference resources.

  3. The Online Homework link takes you to where you find the laboratory manual exercises.

  4. Los exámenes is a link to the material which will be covered on each chapter exam. Each topic listed is linked back to the Grammar Notes page for more detail and practice.

  5. The Grammar Notes page contains explanations and activities to provide more detailed information on each grammar topic or vocabulary presented in the text or in class. You fulfill your one hour online lecture requirement byreading and reviewing these pages (especially prior to coming to class.)