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Please note:

If you are a a Native and/or Heritage Spanish speaker and you need credit for this class, let me know as you have options for how you want to take this class. You may not need to purchase any materials.

Also, this course is not a Conversation class. It is a Language Course thoroughly presenting Introductory Spanish language structure.

Instructor: Deborah Lemon     Email: dlemon@Ohlone.edu
Office Hours: 9:00-9:30 MW 2312 Newark Campus
Also, available via Skype and Facebook

Fall Course sections
SPAN-101A Newark Campus, room 2119
Mon & Wed 9:45am-11:50pm


are online and will begin the week prior to the first day of class. Information on the orientation materials are emailed to the email addresses students provide to the college when registering. Please be sure your email addresses are current.

Students will not be added after the first day of class. Students adding through WebAdvisor on or after the first day of class will be dropped. Unless, of course, you have $1.8 million in cash in small unmarked bills.


  1. In this 5 unit course you will learn the foundations of Spanish grammar with constructions and vocabulary to provide a base for further Spanish language studies.  The focus of this course is Spanish grammar and communication skills.  We work in the Present tense, the Future tense, and we will be introduced to the Preterite past tense toward the end of the course. Additionally, this course is designed to provide you with information on Hispanic culture, emphasizing the diversity among Spanish-speaking countries.
    This course is five (5) credit units + 1 hour lab because you are working on (and graded on) reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
    One (1) of these lecture hours is online and will be fulfilled by preparing for the class topics prior to attending class. You will need to read and review the assigned textbook pages as well as the linked Tema del día materials as they are listed for each class on the Horario [class calendar].
    This one (1) hour of lecture work is in ADDITION to the homework.

  2. communicateIn class we will concentrate on listening and speaking skills through a variety of activities and lab work. You will prepare for these activities by successfully completing your online lecture and homework requirements.

  3. Reading and writing skills will be addressed through homework, projects and exams.

  4. Required Text & online materials:

  5. Dicho y Hecho 9th edition
    • Dawson: Dicho y Hecho, 9th ed. Textbook

    • Dawson: Dicho y Hecho, 9th ed. Access to the Quia Books Online Activity Manual




    FaceBook is REQUIRED:

    This course is taught with a Secret Facebook Group. You must have a Facebook account.

    You can either send a Friend Request to "Profe Lemon" and identify yourself as an Ohlone College Online Spanish Student in the personal message area of the friend request, or you can request to join our group (I will email the URL). I will verify you on the roster and then add you to the Private group. If you have a nickname for your Facebook profile, please message me your actual name with your Facebook name.

    • I do have cameras & headsets available as we will be doing recorded video exercises.
    • A set of headphones with a microphone to use with your computer is highly recommended for your oral practice and listening exercises.

  6. By the end of this course, you will be using all of the material included in the first seven chapters of the text. This is not nearly as intimidating as it may at first appear since the material is progressive, building upon the earlier materials. Once you have a good grasp of the materials in chapter 1, you can apply these in chapter 2; and then you apply the concepts of chapter 1 and 2 in chapter 3. The key is to do a little Spanish each day, rather than doing huge chunks of grammar at one time.

  7. I encourage you to form study groups outside of class. This is one of the best ways to study, practice and review. You will need to check the Class Calendar (Horario) or contact classmates if you are absent. If you would like more individualized assistance, you may request a tutor at the Tutorial Center. Call as soon as you decide you want a tutor since popular hours are taken quickly.