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Language Laboratory requirement

Online workbook & textbook homework requirements

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Attendance & Participation

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Grading Policy

Grades are based on participation, lab activities and Quia Books exercises, performance on tests and quizzes, partner and group tasks, and active use of Spanish in class.

A = 100 - 90% B = 89 - 80% C = 79 - 70%

D = 69 - 60%

F = 59.9 - 0%

You CANNOT pass this course without succesfully completing the Online Lecture requirment.

Half of your grade (50%) is based on attendance, class participation, and being prepared for class (homework: workbook & laboratory work, web readings).  Doing well on this half of your grades will help you to do well on the other (exams) half.

However, if your in-class participation and/or attendance is poor, scoring high on the tests will still result in an F. This is not a high school test-based course. Language is skill-based, like a sport or dance.

You are responsible for reading the assigned pages of the text, reviewing the Horario, reading the assigned Grammar Notes pages, writing out the related exercises from the online materials & logging into activities. It is helpful to read the dialogues and articles out loud.

The textbook and the website provide detailed explanations of the grammar, so I will not be teaching grammar in the classroom:

Rather, I will review the grammar points with all of you, pointing out anything extra not included in the text. Then you will practice using the grammar in class activities. The homework and studying prepares you to participate fully in class activities. If you aren't prepared, I have nothing to grade you on for class participation, pronunciation and group contributions.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to go to the Spanish 101A webpage and check the Horario [class scedule] to read what materials will be covered in the next class. You also need to check the Quia Homework website

Late and/or incomplete homework is not accepted.

Make-up Policy

Only 1 (one) chapter exam may be made up and it will be at the discretion of the instructor.

You must make-up the exam prior to the next class meeting. For example: if our class meets MW 9:45am-11:50am and you miss the exam on Monday, you must make it up prior to 9:30am on Wednesday. If the exam is on Wednesday, you are responsible to contact me to arrange a make-up by Friday. However, once exams have been returned to a class, a make-up for that exam is not permitted.

It is your responsibility to contact me to make arrangements for the make-up exam.

Quizzes are generally unannounced and may not be made up.