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I first began creating grammar activity packets as a high schooler in order to make English grammar more interesting.

When I began teaching Spanish, I realized that most of my students didn't remember English grammar. My Spanish grammar explanations may as well have been in Dumi Bo'o (a real language!)

So I created first the written worksheets, then course packs, and finally created the free educational resource website that is today. It is a constant work in progress, and as I find great (and hopefully, free) stuff, I will keep posting it. I run online Spanish classes using Facebook as a platform for at Ohlone College (in SF Bay Area), so feel free to enroll!

Thank you for all of the wonderful emails you all have sent over the years. I appreciate your interesting questions and suggestions.

To answer a couple of questions that don't fall into categories to put in the Grammar Notes pages:

1. Are you really that fanatic about coffee?


2. Do you get paid to make this website?

Nope, I work on this website in my own spare time. I create a resource for teachers and students of the solid and relatable grammar information that I wish I could have found when I was studying languages.

I really thank those of you who took the time to send me emails & sent letters to my school to let me know how much you appreciate what I've created.

3. So I sent a Thank you donation to you but I haven't heard from you.

Hmmm, I am not sure where you sent it to but I am sure there is a happy Deborah Lemon out there somewhere. My address isn't listed on the website. And sending cashier's checks and postal orders to the various schools was very thoughtful, but I am not sure where they ended up.

Please DO NOT feel any obligation AT ALL to send donations, but if the spirit moves you, here is a safer way to do so:

I promise to keep updating (and I'm working on videos and new PPTX.)

4. Where do you get your ideas?

From my life. Seriously. And the Coffee.

I especially have to thank my students who continually inspire me.

5. Do you have books or materials for sale?

Not yet. One day! Working on it!

6. Can I use your materials in my classes?

Sure! Just be sure to cite me by including my name and website on them.

Neither Deborah Lemon, drlemon©® nor are currently affiliated with, and are not responsible for any content which appears at that website.