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Here are  a few colors to help you pin down exact shades and hues. Colors which change their endings to agree in gender and number have an (a) after them.

Don't forget that colors are adjectives and so need to agree in gender and/or in number with the nouns they are modifying!

El pelo es negro. La camisa es negra.
Los pantalones son negros. Las botas son negras.
  • Note: Colors which do not have gender changes are those colors ending in"e" or a consonant:
  • El cuaderno es verde. La mochila es verde.
    Los cuadernos son verdes. Las mochilas son verdes.
    El sombrero es azul. La gorra es azul.
    Los sombreros son azules. Las gorras son azules.
  • Note: Colors which have neither gender changes nor plural forms (marked as invariable or inv.) include:
1) colors which are part of the phrase "de color ______" or "color de ______"(which is sometimes omitted before the color)
2) colors which naturally end in a, such as turquesa  and violeta
3) modified colors like azul marino, rojo oscuro or verde claro
Es un vestido [color] café. La falda es [de color] café
Los zapatos son [color de] café. Las botas son café.
El cielo es turquesa. La camisa es de color verde olivo.
Los pantalones son violeta. Las camisas son [de color] azul marino.
Aquamarine [de color] verde mar (invariable)
Beige beige, de color beige [pronounced "bays"](invariable)
Black negro (a)
Blue azul
Brown marrón, [de color] café (invariable)
Chestnut, golden brown castaño (a)
Copper cobrizo (a)
Cream [color de] crema (invariable)
Dun pardo (a)
Emerald [de color] esmeralda (invariable)
Golden, Gold dorado (a), de oro (invariable)
Green verde
Grey gris
Navy Blue azul marino (invariable)
Maroon granate (inv.), de rojo oscuro (inv.), corinto (a) "purplish"
Olive Green verde olivo
Orange anaranjado (a)
Periwinkle Violeta claro (inv.)
Pink rosado (a)
Purple morado (a), púrpura (a poetic term)
Red, scarlet, crimson, vermillion rojo (a); escarlata/grana (inv.); carmesí (inv.); bermellón / rojo vivo
Rose [color de] rosa (invariable)
Sky Blue celeste
Silvery, silver plateado (a), de plata (invariable)
Tan de color café claro (invariable)
Turquoise turquesa (invariable)
Violet, lilac violeta (invariable), lila (invariable)
White blanco (a)
Yellow amarillo (a)

Patterns, shades and hues:

Dark oscuro (a)
Light claro (a)
Plaid cuadrado (a)
Striped rayado (a), a rayas (inv.)
Has a Pattern (floral, abstract, image...) estampado (a)
Polka-dot de lunares (inv.)