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The prepositions below are usually used with Estar to indicate location or time relationships between two or more things.

a través de through
acerca de, sobre about (a subject)
al lado de next to, beside
alrededor de around
antes de before
bajo under
cerca de close to, near
debajo de underneath
delante de in front of
dentro de inside
después de after
durante during
en on
en vez de instead of
entre between
encima de on top of, on
en frente de, frente a in front of,  facing
fuera de outside of
hacia toward
hasta until
junto a next to
lejos de far from
tras after, behind

Other prepositions are used with verb infinitives.  The infinitive in Spanish is used in place of the English gerund (-ing form of a verb used as a noun.)

Al + infinitive Upon + verb-ing Al Salir... : upon leaving..
Antes de + infinitive Before + verb-ing Antes de desayunar... : Before having breakfast..
Después de + infinitive After + verb-ing Después de asistir a clase... : After attending class...
En vez de + infinitive Instead of + verb-ing En vez de estudiar... : Instead of studying...
Sin + infinitive Without + verb-ing Sin parar... : without stopping...
Para + infinitive In order to + verb Para llegar a tiempo... : In order to arrive on time...

Remember that Spanish verbs are not conjugated when following any preposition.