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You CANNOT pass this course without succesfully completing the Online lecture requirements.

  • The online lecture requires that you go to the Horario Page on the website.

      1. Click on the current month and find the date of the next upcoming class.

      2. Read the assigned pages in the text for that day.

      3. Notice that there are topics listed on that class date. Click on each topic to find additional and more detailed grammar explanations.

      4. After reading these additional pages, select activities and games in the yellow Practice Zone.

  • I recommend you then try one or more of the online workbook and Laboratory homeworks at to see how well you understood the material.

  • Using home or work computers is recommended but you must use the Ohlone computers if you do not have the ability to log in from home. Hyman Hall on the Fremont Campus and both the Tutoring Center and the Cranium CafĂ© at the Newark Campus have computers available for student use.

By completing this online lecture and homework you will be prepared for class activities and able to participate fully.

If you are not prepared, you will be unable to participate and this will count as an absence.