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You CANNOT pass this course without successfully completing the online Lecture and the Listening Laboratory requirement.

To complete assigned work for the online component of the Language Laboratory requirement:
  • You can access the on-line Virtual Laboratory from any computer on- or off-campus with Internet access.   Before you can listen to files or view video clips, you will need RealPlayer ( and Quicktime as well as a computer with a sound-card(almost all computers do have a sound card.) When doing this at home, you will need speakers on your computer or headphones.  
    • If you don't have RealPlayer, you must go to the Website and download a copy.  There is a free version of Real Player  offered on the RealPlayer Webpage.  Be sure when downloading RealOne that you are obtaining the FREE version.  Don't click on the Realplayer editions you must pay for unless you mean to.
    • If you don't have Quicktime, you must go to the Website and download a copy.  There is a free version of Quicktime offered on the Apple Website. 

  • Now go to the Quia Books website:
    • Click on the Green "GO" button next to the Students section on the right of the screen.
    • If you do not have a Quia account, select Create a New Account, follow the directions to obtain a free Quia student account.
    • Once you have an account, you can enter our course code provided by the profe. This code gives you access to the Activities Manual with includes both the Lab Manual and the Workbook exercises. Make sure you select your correct class section for Spanish 101A. If you do work under the incorrect class, your work will be deleted when your student ID doesn't match and you will not receive credit.
    • When you enter the Course code, you will be asked for your Book key code for the Activity Manual. Click on "Buy" to purchase the Book Key code on-line.

  • You will not need to enter these codes again once you are registered. After this you will enter your password and your ID, and you will be taken directly to your Online class where you can choose to work on the lab and/or the workbook assignments.

  • You will use your Quia ID and Password everytime you sign into the online assignments site. Your log-in and log-out times will be recorded as well as details regarding the materials you are listening to, the time spent on each activity and the success you have with the exercises.  The system administrator and I are the only people who can access this information.
Your instructor will provide you with the instructions to set up your VoiceThread accounts and any other software used in class.