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Please note:

This beginning Spanish course is designed for students with very little previous Spanish experience other than Spanish 101A or a few years of High School Spanish.

Do not enroll in this course if you are a Native and/or Heritage Spanish speaker. You need to enroll in the Spanish 102A & B series.

I take attendance daily. Since more than half of your grade is based on Spanish-speaking participation in Spanish-speaking class activities, attendance is vital.

  • This class grade is negatively affected after two absences in classes which meet 2 days a week and 3 absences in classes which meet 3 days a week.  In sections with two 2 1/2 hour format, missing one day is really the equivalent of missing two one-hour classes and half of a third class!
      • For 2-day a week classes, after two absences, your overall final grade drops 3 points per absence.  After 6 absences, you will be dropped from the course.
      • For 3-day a week classes, after three absences, your grade drops 3 points per absence.  After 6 absences, you will be dropped from the course.

  • For the policy regarding absences during the first month of class, see the Bulletins Board

  • Since late arrivals are disruptive, please make every effort to arrive a few minutes early:

    Three (3) late arrivals count as one absence.

  • Playing with computers, cell phones, iPods, sleeping, texting, chatting, working on another class's work
  • Working any other non-Spanish 101B class-related activites at any time during class
  • Being unprepared for class activities
  • Chatting away in English, chatting during class presentations or explanations
  • ALL also constitute an Absence and an F for participation and labwork.
Participation refers to your activities when in class.  Your participation grade is based on:
  • During class activities you are on task, not working on other assignments or interests.
  • You are speaking Spanish (or trying to) as much as possible.  I am listening for how you speak, how you use the material we are working on, and your pronunciation. I will assist with any question you may have. Please be aware that consistently speaking in English will not only negatively affect your grade, but also that of your partner.
  • You have done your homework & readings, reviewed the website materials, and so are prepared to participate in individual, paired and group exercises and activities.
  • You are courteous and encouraging to your fellow students.
  • You volunteer for exercises and activities.

Rudeness and/or disrespectful behavior especially toward another student or to the class or to the instructor will result in being dropped from the course.