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Spanish1O1B covers Chapters 7-15 inclusive in the textbook, workbook and lab manual.

  • Workbook assignments are found on the Quia books website. Most of the exercises provide you with instant feedback as to whether you answered the question correctly or not. Other exercises provide suggested possible answers from which your answer may vary. And a few are open-ended which I will review. Feel free to email me questions about the questions and your answers in these sections and I will answer them.
  • Practice by working on workbook exercises on a daily basis. Repeat them to be sure you inderstand the grammar concept and spelling.
    • DO NOT wait until the day/night before a test to do the workbook chapter (you will receive NO or minimal credit),
    • It is never a good plan to do an entire chapter in one session. This will make the grammar seem overwhelming and will not help you learn Spanish at all. Neither will it help prepare you for the test nor produce good workbook results.
    • DO NOT click on "Submit" for any exercise unless you have genuinely attempted the exercise. If you have not finished an exercise or decide you don't want to do it, click on "Previous", "Next", or "Back". Submitting exercises without doing the exercise or typing quick incomplete answers in order to get the answers will result in a zero on all work to date, a zero (F) on the class participation grade, and a report to the appropriate deans with copies of your computer transcript. You may be dropped by your instructor.
  • Workbook assignments must be finished by the due/end date and the chapters must be fully completed (in order to receive credit) before the day of the chapter test. The end dates for online work is computer-controlled and has no exceptions.
  • Late and/or incomplete (any skipped sections) homework is not accepted for credit.
  • Project & other Homework grading

  • I look for how thoroughly you work on any exercises, not how perfectly you answer them. The self-correcting (where provided) shows me -and you- areas you understand and those areas where you need more practice.

  • Make sure your projects & homework reflect that you understand the grammar points.

  • In terms of studying, I recommend reviewing the corresponding workbook exercises first, self-correcting it, and THEN doing your lab manual homework and finally working on the projects. The workbook and lab manual homework will always directly correspond to the assigned grammar reading.
    • Thoroughly reading the assigned pages prepares you for the in-class activities. Lack of preparation will mean no participation grade for that class period.

  • Please take the time to carefully write out your project/homework (or type.) I do read them. Homeworks which are hastily scratched out or in which the handwriting is difficult to read, receive no credit.

  • Projects & homework will be turned in when you arrive at the start of class. Do not submit homework during or at the end of class. Homework done in class will not receive credit and will result in a zero for that day's participation grade.
  • Copying from the Answer Key prompts of the computer exercises or of the written Workbook, copying on Lab Manuals -ANY copied or plagarized work, work submitted that is not your own, clicking "I have completed this exercise" when the computer tracking shows you have not done this exercise, and/or any other form of Academic Dishonesty will result in a zero on the copied or plagiarized work as well as any work submitted prior to this work. The student will receive an F for the Class Participation grade. The student also may be dropped from the course and/or reported to the Dean of Students.