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You CANNOT pass this course without successfully completing the online Lecture and the Listening Laboratory requirement.

The Laboratory Requirement involves 1 (one) hour per week of online audio exercises as well as in-class listening/speaking exercises and activities.

Spanish is practically perfectly phonetic which means that once you have learned the sounds that each letter represents, you will always know how to pronounce and spell a word. Learning a language is skill-based and not knowledge-based. Like dance or sports, you have to practice in order to do it with any success.

The In-Class Laboratory Activities

  • We will be doing a lot of Laboratory work in class. You will need to bring your headphones to class. Attendance/Participation on lab days is mandatory. I will be listening as you you are repeating and answering the audio prompts. If you aren't speaking, I don't have anything to grade you on.
  • We will also be doing other Listening /Speaking Activities which will count toward your lab grade and lab hour.

The Online listening exercises

  • The Online listening exercises are very important as they will provide you with critical oral practice. Listening and speaking practice reinforces classroom instruction as well as prepares you for the oral section of the exams.

  • You complete the online exercises by typing answers prompted by the directions as you listen to the related audio files in the lab.

    While listening to the audio you will need to stop the audio file and replay a section repeatedly until you are able to understand all of the information you need. Do not expect to understand everything the first time you hear a statement or a question.  Listen as many times as is necessary for you to successfully complete the exercise.

  • Remember that this course requires one hour of laboratory work per week. The Virtual Laboratory tracks when you log in, the time spent listening to each exercise and the success of your answers. There are additional in-class and online video/audio activities available to enable you to meet this requirement.
      • Laboratory manual chapters must be completed before each chapter test. Assignments and their due/end dates are posted on the Quia virtual lab website at
      • I will be reviewing log-in times as well as the lab manual activities. We will be logging the one-hour time In-Class.

  • Logging in from home or work is advantageous; however non-functioning home computers are not an excuse for lack of lab time:
      • You must use the Ohlone computers if you do not have the ability to log in from home.
      • Do NOT wait and do the exercises the night before the exam: you will not receive credit for rushed or incomplete work.
DO NOT click on "Submit" for any exercise unless you have genuinely attempted the exercise. If you have not finished an exercise or decide you don't want to do it, click on "Previous", "Next", or "Back". Submitting exercises without doing the exercise or typing quick or incomplete answers in order to get the answers will result in a zero on all work to date, a zero (F) on the class participation grade, and a report to the appropriate deans with copies of your computer transcript. You may be dropped by your instructor.