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On this bulletins page you will find updates and announcements that pertain to this semester's Spanish 101B class at Ohlone College.
  • Bienvenidos a la clase de español 101B. I strongly encourage you to explore the links our Spanish 101B homepage as you will rely on the information provided to help you through the semester. You can always find what material we will be covering, what work is due, what projects or field trips are upcoming and lots of resources for practice and review.

  • Click on a month in the Navigation Bar on the left to find current information regarding your semester class.

Please note that due dates in the online lab & workbook assignments are terminal end dates for accessing these activities. They do NOT indicate the date that you should begin these exercises! Pace yourself accordingly.

Haz click aquí for a cool Phonetic site for pronunciation: see how the sounds are formed and listen to pronunciation examples: compare English and Spanish!

Spanish 101B Class Survey is found on the drlemon 101B Wikispace page.

The Quia online Homework and QuiaWeb Activities Codes are also found on the drlemon 101B Wikispace page.

Always bring your text to class!