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The CSU/UC Transfer agreement with Ohlone College requires a minimum of one (1) hour per week of Laboratory listening/speaking work.

Once you are ready to start your exercises in the Online Lab and Workbook, please keep these facts in mind:Once you are ready to start your homework exercises in the Online Lab and Workbook, please keep these facts in mind:

  • In the Laboratory there are several listening exercises in which you click on numbers or images, listen to a phrase and then repeat the phrase or vocabulary word aloud. Once you have listened to all of the cues, click on "I have completed this activity." You will receive a grade for these exercises based on the amount of time that you log. I will review these to determine that you have the minimum amount of time necessary to complete the exercise.
  • When doing your exercises, you are able to repeat any exercise indefinitely until you achieve a 100% grade or until you reach the cut-off (due) date. The grade which counts is the highest grade you achieve and will not have an asterisk (*) next to it. Previous attempts will have an *asterisk. Once you have achieved a 100%, any further practice with this activity will not affect your grade: you have already achieved a 100% as a final grade on this activity. You can continue to redo this activity to practice for exams etc. without affecting your 100%. Repeating will help you also meet the 1 hour a week lab requirement.
  • Accents and Spanish characters & letters count. Use the floating keyboard provided on your screen.
  • The due dates (terminal end dates for access - NOT start dates) are enforced by the settings in the software. Once the due date is past, your work will not be submitted to me, although you can complete it and get the feedback to test yourself for the exam as well as log the hours necessary for the time requirement. However, once the test has been given for any chapter, no work done on that chapter's labs will be acepted for time or grade credit.
  • On the lists of assignments, only exercises marked with a circle (bull's eye) on the left are assigned for grading. The other assignments are available to help you to meet the 1 hour per week lab hour requirement.
  • Assignments with yellow or red dots next to them require my review for grading. You will not see a completed grade until I enter one.
  • You can see your grades by clicking on "My Results" at your Student Workstation.
  • You must use the computers on Ohlone campus if you are unable to complete the online exercises from home or work.
      • You can check out headphones on the second floor of Hyman Hall at the Information Desk and at the Cranium Café in Newark.
  • The online homework functions best when you use Firefox. IE (Internet Explorer) is buggy with these applications. If you are unable to do the exercises at home, you must do them at Ohlone. Do not wait until the night the end dates are terminating to start them: that is a bad time to discover your home computer is not working.