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Lots of people make recommendations about things they think we ought to do: Teachers, doctors, bosses and friends...  When they recommend that we or another person take some sort of action, they make the request using the Subjunctive.

For example, if some imaginary Spanish professor named dra. Limone recommends that all of her students watch San Jose Sharks games, she would phrase it like this:

Les recomiendo que miren los partidos de los Tiburones de San José.

If she wants them to cheer loudly at the Sharks' games, she says:

Quiero que ustedes griten con entusiasmo en los partidos de los Tiburones.

Susana tells the lovely Dr. Hammond that she is developing twitches from the stress of the semester:

La doctora Hammond le recomienda que Susana beba una copa de vino cada noche. Dr. Hammond recommends that Susana drink a glass of wine each evening.

Notice how before the Subjunctive there is always the word que.  The que separates the Recommender from the Recommendation when there is another person (a change of subject) involved.




Subject #1 (indicative verb of Recommendation/Suggestion)


This is the conjunction necessary to introduce the subjunctive clause

Subject #2 + verb in the subjunctive