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How to form the Present Subjunctive

The Subjunctive Weirdo: When to use the Subjunctive

Other constructions where we need to use the Subjunctive

When NOT to use the Subjunctive

Although I expect that you are doing all of the Grammar Notes and textbook readings as well as the online activities and homework, I cannot stress enough the importance of doing so now. The Subjunctive is a form that does not have a simple counterpart in English. The only way to become comfortable with the Subjunctive is to practice.

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There is a 3 part formula for using the Subjunctive. Each one of these three components MUST be in place.




Subject #1 (indicative verb)

(Select one of the WEIRDO categories)


This is the conjunction necessary to introduce the subjunctive clause

Subject #2 + verb in the subjunctive

(the person or thing in our WEIRDO world)

Subjunctive Volition

Keanu quiere QUE la profe le envie un mensaje de text.

Subjunctive Emotion

Keanu se alegra de QUE la profe sea su novia.