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Although I expect that you are doing all of the Grammar Notes and textbook readings as well as the online activities and homework, I cannot stress enough the importance of doing so now. The Subjunctive is a form that does not have a simple counterpart in English. The only way to become comfortable with the Subjunctive is to practice.

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In addition to the basic WEIRDO formula, there are other constructions that require the Subjunctive. They all do technically fall into one of the WEIRDO categories; but because it involves longer clarification, it is easier to present them here separately. They still require the 3 part formula below.

Indefinite Antecedents referring to the unknown or uncertainties
Indirect Commands Similar to the English "Let John do that"
Nosotros "Commands" i.e., Urgent Suggestions Nosotros commands are similar to when we say "Vamos!" (Let's go!) but are stronger and more urgent: "Váyamos" (Let's GO, Let's Get Going!)
The Subjunctive and Adverbial phrases Things we imagine will happen when certain conditions are met
Present Perfect Subjunctive This is similar to the Present Perfect Tense but in the Subjunctive form
Past Perfect Subjunctive This is similar to the Past Perfect Tense but in the Subjunctive form
Tal vez & Quizá(s) Perhaps, maybe. When these are used to express doubt, the Subjunctive is required.

There is a 3 part formula for using the Subjunctive. Each one of these three components MUST be in place.




Subject #1 (indicative verb)

(Select one of the WEIRDO categories)


This is the conjunction necessary to introduce the subjunctive clause

Subject #2 + verb in the subjunctive

(the person or thing in our WEIRDO world)