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The form for the Subjunctive and Ojalá is the required 3-part formula.

Ojalá que...

Ojalá que is always followed by the Subjunctive, in either the Present or Past forms.

Present Subjunctive is used when what you are wishing is still (however remotely) possible:

Ojalá que Mauricio venga a clase temprano. I sure hope that (God willing) Mauricio comes to class early. [unlikely, but he still may]
Ojalá que gane la lotería. I sure pray (May God will that) I win the lottery [unlikely, but who knows?]

The Imperfect (Past) Subjunctive is used when expressing a wish for something that is not possible. For example, Wishing to redo the past or transform yourself into another creature:

Ojalá que Mauricio viniera a clase temprano. I really wished that (if only God willed that) Mauricio came to class early [but he didn't]
Ojalá que ganara la lotería. I really wish (if only God willed that) I had won the lottery [but, alas, I did not]




Subject #1: Ojalá

(Subject is God)


This is the conjunction necessary to introduce the subjunctive clause

Subject #2 + verb in the subjunctive