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The form for the Subjunctive and Emotion is the required 3-part formula.

We can express opinions about things that we observe or consider fact.

For example, if we know that Juan sings well, we say "Juan canta bien." We can even say we believe that Juan sings well, "creemos que Juan canta bien."

But when we want to express how we FEEL about Juan's singing, we need to use the Subjunctive.

For example, to say we are pleased that Juan sings well, we say:

Nos gusta que Juan cante bien.

"Cante" is the 3rd person subjunctive form of Cantar.

It seems funny to have to use the Subjunctive with something that seems factual; but really what is being expressed is your personal reaction. The focus isn't on any statement of fact - rather on your value judgement of an event or situation. Since your emotional response is subjective, we need to use the Subjunctive.
I am happy that you are going to Spain! ¡Me alegro de que tú vayas a España!
I'm sorry that he has to study tonight. Siento que él tenga que estudiar esta noche.
He is afraid that she wants to break up with him. Tiene miedo que ella quiera romper con él.
We hope the professor won't give many exams. Esperamos que la profesora no dé muchos exámenes.