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Some useful Reflexive verbs:

Acostarse to go to bed
Afeitarse  to shave oneself
Apurarse to hurry up
Arrodillarse  to kneel down
Bañarse to take a bath
Darse vuelta to turn around
Despertarse to wake up
Dormirse to fall asleep
Ducharse to take a shower
Irse to go away, to leave
Lavarse to wash up (wash oneself)
Levantarse to get up
Meterse to get in (enter something)
Ponerse  to put on oneself
Quedarse to stay (to stay put)
Quitarse to take off of oneself
Reirse to laugh
Secarse to dry off (dry oneself)
Sentarse to sit (oneself) down
Sentirse to feel (emotion, illness)

There are a lot of emotion verbs which are Reflexive.  Notice that we use these verbs to indicate when we "get" or "become" something.

Alegrarse to become happy
Enamorarse to fall in love
Enfermarse to become (get) sick
Enojarse  to become (get) angry
Entristecerse to become sad