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Pensar (to think, to plan) requires either a preposition, a conjunction or an infinitive.

Pensar en: to think about, to have something on your mind

¿En qué piensas? What are you thinking about?
Pienso en la película que vi anoche. I'm thinking about the movie I saw last night.

Pensar de: to have an opinion about (regarding)

¿Qué piensas de la película? What do you think about the movie? (What is your opinion of the movie?)
Pues, depende de lo que Antonio piensa de la película.. Well, that depends on what Antonio thought about the movie.

Pensar que: to think that..... (expressing your opinion)

Pienso que Antonio Banderas es requete sexy. I think that Antonio Banderas is super sexy.
Pienso que es mejor ver la película otra vez. I think that it's best to see the movie again!

Pensar + infinitive: to think about doing something, to plan

¿Qué piensas hacer este fin de semana? What are you planning to do this weekend? (thinking about doing?)
Pienso visitar a mi amiga en Walnut Creek. I'm planning to visit my friend in Walnut Creek. (thinking about visiting my friend in Walnut Creek)