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Hurrah! We will finish up Chapter 1 on Friday!

This month we will have our first chapter quizzes! Chapter quizzes are designed to help you see how well you know the material. Please keep in mind that if you use resource material during the Chapter Quizzes, you will not know how well you are doing.

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1 febrero

Textbook: pp. 241-243

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Double object pronouns

Direct and indirect pronouns combined

A review of both the indirect and the direct objects is provided in the yellow Practice Zone

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3 febrero

Textbook: pp. 244-254

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Negative and Indefinite References

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5 febrero

Textbook: pp. 255-256

ALL Homework is DUE

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Prueba 8

Hurrah! We finish up chapter 8 today! You will have access to take chapter quiz in Canvas any time starting Today 1:00am until Sunday 11:59pm

8 febrero

*Capítulo 9*

Textbook: pp. 257-271

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La Salud

El cuerpo humano

Mandatos de Ud. (formal)

9 febrero


10 febrero

Textbook: pp. 272-277

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El Imperfecto: the descriptive past tense


11 febrero


12 febrero

RoseFeliz día de los enamorado

Holiday: President's Day

El día de los presidentes

¡No hay clase!




15 febrero

Holiday: President's Day

El día de los presidentes

¡No hay clase!




16 febrero

17 febrero

Textbook: pp. 278-288

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El Imperfecto vs. el pretérito

Comparing the two past tenses

18 febrero

19 febrero

ALL Homework is DUE today!

Textbook: pp. 289-290

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Prueba 9

You have 60 minutes to take this chapter quiz in Canvas.

Open Today 1:00am until Sunday 11:59pm

22 febrero

*Capítulo 10*

Textbook: pp. 291-298

drlemon info:

La Casa

y los quehaceres domésticos


23 febrero

24 febrero

Textbook: pp. 299-304

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Tú Commands: mandatos informales


25 febrero

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26 febrero

Textbook: pp.305-307

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The Present Perfect