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Working with a partner(s), select an event. Decide on outfits that best represent your event. Prepare the outfits for the Fashion Show. You will be photographing yourself in the outfits and posting the photo(s) into a VoiceThread and/or our Facebook Group.

Write a description of the outfit in Spanish and orally record part of the description on VoiceThread (feel free to use the Draw tool to point to or circle the item of clothing you are describing,) and then type the other descriptions onto the Thread.

You also will need an English description (typed) of what you are wearing and how it is perfect for your event for the MC to read during the Fashion Show. The ESL and other students will vote on your outfits.

ModelsLos eventos

Los modelos

A Night at the Oscars: Red Carpet Wear

Los Oscar : Muy de moda

Engineers at work: ingenieros en el trabajo  
The Grammy Awards : los premios Grammy  

A Job Interview : una entrevista

Attending a Formal Wedding : una boda formal  
the 80's : los años 80  
Prom : baile de colegio  
Hawaiian Luau : Luau hawaiano  

Attending a formal Indian (India) Party : asistir a una fiesta india formal

At party at Lady Gaga's : En a una fiesta en la casa de Lady Gaga