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21 enero

ONLINE MANDATORY ORIENTATION BEGINS THIS WEEK and must be completed before 5pm on the Sunday night before the first day of classes. Detailed emails were sent to your Ohlone Student email account.

Students must

-enroll in and pay for the QuiaBooks internet applications during this orientation phase.

-Add the Quia WEB class

-Take the Student Survey

-Take the Syllabus Quiz

-Watch the following "How-to" videos: (You'll be asked to enter your name & email before viewing the videos)

1-How to do this class

2-How to find the homework

3-How to DO the homework

-Request to join our Facebook Group

by 5pm the Sunday before the first day of classes

22 enero

Wait-Listed students

Follow the previous instructions (create an account for but don't purchase QuiaBooks) since any registered students who are not fully enrolled by midnight prior to the first day of class will be dropped, and Wait-listed students who are enrolled will be added.


23 enero

We have several online tutors who are members of our Facebook Group.
You will connect with them each month for a required monthly "TouchBase".

"Friend" the tutors so you can message them directly and set up times to VideoChat, Skype, Hangout or meet in real life (MRL).

You are welcome to and encouraged to meet with them more frequently than monthly.

You can meet individually or in pairs or in small groups.

You can find the names and contact info for our tutors in our OneNote and in our Facebook group.


24 enero

Example of a typical day:

Text: pp. 2-6

This means read pages 2-6 in the paper textbook.

Online Lecture:

Saludos y despedidas

You click on the Lecture topic above to read information on the topic. There are QuiaWeb games and activity links in the yellow Practice Zone in the side Navigation Bar. Sign into these activities with your Quia ID in order to receive credit. Tarea: (homework)

When there are numbered assignments listed under this heading, it means there is homework pertaining to the lecture readings listed above. You will log into to work on the Workbook & Lab Manual activities.

25 enero

Example of a Quiz Day:

If you see:


You have 60 minutes to take this chapter quiz.

CH Video Quiz

it means on this day there are video & chapter quizzes due (there isn't one today - This is an example listing.)

The links for the quizzes will be posted in our Facebook group.

28 enero

Bannersaying First Day of Class

Capítulo 1

Paper Text: read pp. 2-8

Online Lecture:

Nuevos Encuentros: Saludos y despedidas (click here to read more and find practice games!) Tarea: (homework)

WB 1: no hay (there aren't any workbook assignments)

Lab 1: no hay (there aren't any lab manual assignments)

29 enero

¡A Presentarnos!

Our First Facebook Event!

Click on the event in our group to find out how to introduce ourselves to each other!

30 enero

Paper Text: pp. 9-11

Online Lecture:

Saludos y despedidas

Our first Facebook post question:
¿Cómo te llamas?
Look for quick post activities like this to pop-up during the semester!

Expresiones de cortesía

books.quia Tarea:

WB : 2-3

Lab : 1-4, 6

(This means there are workbook AND lab exercises that deals with pages 2-11 in the textbook.)

31 enero

Click here for study strategies based on previous (and successful) students' suggestions.


1 febrero

Paper Text: pp. 12-15

Online Lecture:

Click on the links below for explanations, examples and practice games.

Los pronombres personales (subject pronouns)


Preguntas de sí y no

books.quia Tarea:

WB: 6-8

Lab: 7-10

(This means there are workbook AND lab exercises that deals with pages 12-15 in the textbook.)