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5 marzo


Facebook Webcam Event #1

El Imperfecto: the descriptive past tense

Webcam #1 del capítulo 9: Describe how you were as a child using the Imperfect past tense:

1-¿Cómo eras? What were you like (personality, physically...)
2. ¿Qué hacías para divertirte? What did you used to do for fun?
3. ¿Adónde ibas con frecuencia? Where did you used to go often?

Watch the other student webcams- ask each one a question *in the Imperfect* about something from their webcam.

Feel free to make helpful comments about anything they may want to fix!

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6 marzo


7 marzo


El Imperfecto vs. el pretérito

All students: record a short Webcam (30 sec to 1 minuto max) to our Facebook Group.

Webcam #2 del capítulo 9: Anoche

1. ¿A qué hora regresaste a casa?

2. ¿Cómo estabas?

3. ¿Qué tenías que hacer?

4. ¿Realmente, qué hiciste?

Watch one ONLINE student webcam and one In-person student webcam

Ask each of the two students one (1) question *in the Imperfect* and a second question *in the Preterite* about something from their webcam.

Look for students without questions and post there first.

Feel free to make comments on other webcams as well about what they have to say & note anything they may want to fix!

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12 marzo

alarm clock¿Te acordaste de cambiar el reloj?


Prueba de capítulo 9

Text: pp. 330-343

Tema del día:

Cápitulo 10: La Casa

y los quehaceres domésticos

Tú Commands: mandatos informales Tarea: (homework)

WB 10: 1, 3, 5

Lab 10: 1-3


13 marzo

14 marzo

Text: pp. 344-351

Tema del día:

The Present & past perfect tense Tarea: (homework)

WB 10: 11-13

Lab 10: 6-9


19 marzo


20 marzo


21 marzo

Spring Break

26 marzo

Text: pp. 352-365

Tema del día:

Los Comparativos y superlativos Tarea: (homework)

WB 10: 15-16

Lab 10: 11, 12-15



27 marzo

28 marzo

Prueba de capítulo 10

Text: pp. 366-377

Tema del día:

Capítulo 11: Amigos y algo más Tarea: (homework)

WB 11: 1, 4

Lab 11: 1-2